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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Approximately 90% of all bladder infections are caused by a strain of E.coli, not the kind that kills people with contaminated foods.

This is the regular E.coli that lives in everyone that has a colon, it's a normal bacterium that should be there and helps in the final process of digestion and also aids in nutrient absorbtion.

But when these bacteria get into the wrong place, like the bladder, they can cause an infection.

E.coli has the unique ability to cling to the inner lining of the bladder, imagine that guy climbing high-rise office buildings with suction cups.

E.coli sticks to the molecules of a simple sugar called D-mannose that is found in some of the cells that line the bladder, by sticking the E.coli can crawl, like spiderman from one D-mannose molecule to the next and the next.

Well like any living thing these E.coli love to reproduce, and they do causing an E coli population explosion, or in our world an infection.

These little buggers cling like crazy to the D-mannose in the bladder so they won't get washed out with every urination.

So why not put E.colis love for D-mannose to good use!!!!

When a woman (because woman tend to get more bladder infections than men) is given 3 to 5 grams of powdered D-mannose (a safe simple sugar, that can be found in virtually any health food store) only a small amount is metabolized.

Most is eliminated trough the kidneys into the ureters, then into the bladder, where the bactaria now go crazy "Party time" and the detach themselves from the little bits naturally  lining the walls of the bladder and they grab on to these great swirls of D-mannose comming into the bladders from the ureters.

They float around enjoying all that D-mannose, and the next time the bladder is emptied, the infection is literally rinsed away.

That person never had to go near an antibiotic meaning these bacteria did not have to fight back and mutate into a resistant strain, the person is happy and the bactaria are happy, on their merry way surrounded by their favorite food.

Just remember a couple of important things: First you need to take the D-mannose every three to four hours while awake untill symptoms are gone, this sometimes can take a few hours or one or two days.

Second, D-mannose eliminates bladder infections nine out of ten times, so if there no improvement in symptoms in twenty-four hours, maybe you will need to see your doctor and go the traditional antibiotic way.




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