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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Ok, so here it is, my recipe for a great breakfast pre or post workout snack or just to snack on in general.

I usually make about 6-10 pancackes and eat them gradually for a couple of days.

1. 2-3 cups of gluten free whole-grain pancacke mix

2. 1-2 ounces of flax seed meal.

3. 3-4 eggs (organic free-range).

4. 1/4 cup free range egg whites.

5. 3-4 scoops vanilla whey protein powder, or you can add or substitute organic vanilla hemp protein.

6. 2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil.

7. 1/4 cup thin sliced almonds.

8. 1/2 cup of organic frozen blueberries.

9. 2 scoops DaVinci brand spectra purple or red.

10. generous sprinkle of cinamon powder.

11. organic apple sauce 1 serving seize (small cup) Trader Joes.

12. If needed you can add some Stevia to make it sweeter, altough I find no need for it.

13. OPTIONAL, add some dark chocolate(70% or more) bits.

14. OPTIONAL, generous sprinkle garlic powder.

Finally you may want to play with the ammounts to suit your needs.

Thanks and enjoy!!!!


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