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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Muscle spindle and fast ATPase

Training slow will make you slow,
This is very true, as strength is specific to how you train.
By moving slowly and using heavier weights seize increases are noticeable.
These gains however come at a price, that being slower contractile speeds.
The muscle spindle measures contraction and by moving slowly it will recruit slow ATP-ase, this is mostly the job of the nuclear bag muscle spindle which not only measures contraction but the rate of contraction.
On the other hand explosive or fast movements will activate fast ATP-ase and will also try to recruit as many fibers as early in the range as possible.
Now that load is moving fast and inertia is involved( mass is a measurement of inertia,a body in motion likes to stay in motion and a body at rest likes to stay at rest)
That load likes the momentum and doesn't require as much effort to keep it moving.
Until you have to slow it down, it takes 4 times the force to slow a object by 1/2 the speed.
That's why most injuries occur at this point of slowing down that load, which could be just your arm.
But you will gain power which is work divided by time.
Now you realize that for whatever you get there is a price to pay. So when you get one-thing you give up something else.
It takes about 8-14 days for your DNA to tell your RNA to change ATP-ase from slow to fast or vice versa.


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