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Written by Karel Nunnink   

If your anything like me, when someone mentions conspiracy I go yea sure and am already putting up a wall because of all the weird theories and supposed conspiracies out there.

But the more I uncover layer upon layer of research for many years now, I believe we have once again been turned into Guinea pigs for a few huge and very profitable companies.

But also let me clarify that I am not at all opposed to making a good profit, we should all be hugely successfull.

The problem lies with how far to bend the truth and  hide the real consequences of our actions, for the sake of profit.

Just really listen to the lyrics in Micheal Jacksons Man In The Mirror.

The way sugar is marketed today is KILLING us!!!!

Look at all the diets that are working, The Zone, Southbeach, Atkins just to name a few they all have one thing in common, restricted sugar intake.

Lets go back to our ancestors, and remember we have not changed a fraction of one percent in about 3 thousand generations, or about 100 thousand years.

Back then sugar  was always packaged with beautiful phytonutrients antioxidants and most important fiber, fiber slows down that release of sugar into the blood stream.

We have this fantastic ability to store sugar in the form of glycogen in our muscle fibers, allowing us to explosively move fast to avoid becoming another predators dinner.

Sugar or specifically glucose kept us alive in more ways than one. but it was a rare commodity in the past, so when the least abundant in the past now becomes the most abundant the message is store body fat.

So glucose keeps us alive, fructose is killing us because they have added it to almost everything we eat.

The companies manufacturing high fructose corn syrup are now changing the labels because of the public uproar against this substance. You see how we have the power to change the system, just like what happened to Hydrogenated or trans-fats about 10 years ago. By the way I was warning people about hydrogenated fats in the late 70s.

Do you see what happened here?  This shift happened around the early 70s, all of a sudden fat was the culprit, and they had to switch to low fat.

Well that tasted like cardboard, so some one came up with the idea of adding fructose to low fat foods, and what is the cheapest form of sugar ever?

You guessed it high Fructose corn syrup.

The end result almost 50 percent of the population is approaching obesity, look I wont bother you with the statistics, just realize every generation will get worse if we dont do something about it. Do we love our kids enough to change our life style habbits?

30 billion dollars that what food manufacturers spent on advertising their sugary products this year, that is a ton off money which I dont have.

I have this small media outlet to try to give out usefull information.

Help me help others so we can all be better informed and make smarter choices, and therefore TAKE BACK CONTROLL in your life.

Read labels avoid refined sugar in all its various forms, then when you make your purchase your food is scanned!!!!

This is how we change the system, each healthy choice is like voting against these unscrupulous manufacturers.

I'm mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore, are you?




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