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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Freedom, and what is it worth to us?

The freedom to strap on a pair of skis and race down the mountain against people 30 years younger and still win!!!

The freedom to jump on a bicycle and ride in a serene park away from the madness that threatens to swallow our very lives.

The freedom to play and frolic with our sons and daughters and to maintain that youthfull heart.

These are freedoms worth sacrificing for, freedoms that no amount of money can buy, it just takes the right choices and planning ahead, to enjoy the incredible ability to savor the MOMENT.

Now as I ponder over choices made, I find great joy in friends and relish in their new found strength.

You see I am free at any age and you can be too.

Make the change, the life shift, the best is still  ahead so come on with me and lets have some fun!!!



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