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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Life Style Points


There can be up to 20 year differences between chronological and biological ages.

Every 7 years every cell in your body is duplicated, so every 7 years you can DOUBLE your rate of aging or keep it the same!!!


1. Exercise

High intensity surges any where from 20- 90 seconds with rest periods

Done either with aerobic or anaerobic emphasis, with or without extra loading.

see my article on Circuit Training and Fat loss for more details.


2 .Nutrition

Meal planning based on insulin sensitivity, energy dense in the AM nutrient dense in the PM .

Insulin efficiency is maximal in the earlier part of the day and starts to wane as the day progresses.

Supplements (start with a partial list and add in time, don't need to take all every day but try to get them all at least 2-3 times a week)


To decrease inflammation and neutralize free radical damage.

Remember your Mitochondria, those little energy powerhouses inside every cell in your body, have their own DNA, which is different from our own or nuclear DNA. This Mitochondrial DNA is 500x more susceptible to free radical damage then our own DNA.


1 quercetin and bromalain

2 resveratrol with grape seed extract

*Resveratrol wil havel some effect on liver function and is a phytoestrogen.

3 high quality fish oil, 1000-3000IU @ day.

and or Krill oil.( krill oil is more potent, so less is needed).

4 DHEA no more than 50 mg @ day*(men only,) woman 7keto DHEA nonandrogenic 25mg

5 vitamin C 1000-2000 mg

6 CoQ10, or obiquinol

7 B complex

8 Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine you can also add R-lipoic acid

9 Probiotic 15-35 billion friendly bacteria 10-15 different strains delayed release.

10 D3 1000 mg @ day or more

11 Green Tea extract Teavigo

12 Glucosamine  or Sam E for joint support.

13 N-acetyl-cystine  for detox

14 T bombII testosterone booster    estrogen blocker. (* men only)

16 Beta Alanine blood flow booster, ( prior to workout).

17 turmeric to increase neural responses in the brain, and aid in joint pain.

18  Branched Chain Amino Acids. espescially right after workout, to rebuild muscle tissues, and increase mitochondrial functions.

19 Astaxanthin, a new powerful antioxidant that may protect from ultra violet damage.

20 Melatonin, for sleep aid 1/2 hour prior to sleeping.

21. MSM as a source of dietary sulfur, to help with joint problems and increase production of Glutethion,

one of the body's most powerful antioxidants.

*check with your Doctor if you are taking any meds for possible contraindications


Dosages are on the bottles I recommend DaVinci Labs in VT or


3. Blenderize your veggies, this will maximize your nutrient absorption rate tremendously.

When cooking steaming or eating veggies raw the absorption rate drops to 15-20%

However when blenderizing your absorption rate jumps to 80-90%.

A huge difference as you are now getting more of those wonderful phytonutrients in your system.


2-3 scoops of high grade vanilla whey protein powder( including whey protein isolate)

1-2 cups of organic broccoli

½ cup of parsley

Cut up 1-2 cups of organic celery

1 cup of collard greens

1 cup of organic cauliflower

1 cup of red cabbage

1-2 cups of organic spinach

1-2 cups of Brussels sprouts

1 cup organic kale

Trader Joes has a wonderful organic micro green mix which will contain most of these veggies.

1 cup organic frozen strawberries

½ cup frozen blueberries

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

½ cup of either walnuts or almonds

¼ cup ground flaxseed mix

I sometimes add DaVinci Spectra Purple red or greens.

Add pure water to reach the desired consistency (at least once a week)


4. Avoid all oils in your labels on foods purchased except  for canola or extra virgin olive oils.

Pan fry using olive for lower temps then organic canola or organic coconut oil for higher temperature cooking.

Check out the challengeaging website for downloadable seafood chart, and GMO charts, remember most Corn, Soy and canola oils are already genetically modified.

Eat some bitter chocolate 70+% to help balance out that sweet craving  eating something bitter makes sweets taste sweeter so you can cut down portions.

Cut out all red meats unless grass fed and hormone free.

That also applies to poultry, which has been treated with large doses of antibiotics, that now enters your system killing off your friendly bactaria in your gut.

Stop eating processed meats(nitrates) and canned foods or sodas all products in cans are lined with BPA these will disrupt cellular metabolism.


Avoid MSG in all its various forms.

Read MSG in disguise article.


Use fluoride free toothpaste and other products containing fluoride including tap water.

Do not apply anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth.


Avoid products containing corn or soy as 90% of those have been genetically modified.

Use organic soy instead.

Avoid using GMO foods, for more info visit


All this takes effort and planning but if you choose to live clean and make better purchase choices by choosing these products we can now begin to change the system, when these products are scanned through we are in a sense voting for them. Eating real clean food may have some extra cost in the short run, but will be more than offset with higher productivity and better judgement and a smarter brain, that means extra longevity and more income.


It takes 10-15 years for cancer cells to metastasize

Take back control in your life.





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