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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Sarahs healthy soda

Makes you feel like Yoda

So you can do a loada

Work, play, fun, and things like



Start with a bottle of organic pomegranate juice, ( pomegranates have been shown to increase the effectiveness of endothelial cells,

they are responsible for keeping your blood vessels elastic and smooth).

Use a small amount maybe

1-2ounces at most.

Pour into a container, I recommend something BPA free, mine is the insulated steel camelback bottle with the bite valve.

Now let me ask you, what makes  people addicted to SODA???

It's the carbonation!!! Yep so now add some ice cubes and fill up the rest of the container with carbonated mineral water, I like the berry flavored one.


This one step of stopping your Soda

consumption can help you lose up to 20lbs a year, and help add years of quality living to your life.

Your kids will thank you.

And so do I.



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