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Written by Karel Nunnink   

These compounds are not of this Planet therefore the prefix Xeno, just another reminder of eating clean and how difficult that can be.

It seems these compounds effect boys and men worse, especially there reproductive organs and levels of Testosterone.


Xenoestrogens are industrially made compounds that mimic the effects of natural estrogen. These substances, such as PCBs and phthalates, are found in plastics, animal feed, pesticides, and birth control pills, also many beauty creams and products have phthalates in them and do not have to label them. I would suggest if you can't eat it, dont put it on your face.


Unfortunately, in our toxic world, we are exposed to an increasing amount of xenoestrogens. In the Great Lakes area, adult male fish exposed to short-term and low-dose amounts of xenoestrogens were found to have their sex organs reversed; juvenile male fish developed female sex organs, according to the June 2004 issue of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Alligators in Florida are experiencing similar problems.


It’s not just animals that are adversely affected by xenoestrogens. I believe the epidemic of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men is being driven, in large part, by increasing exposure to xenoestrogens.


How can you avoid exposure to xenoestrogens? Eat food free of pesticides and synthetic hormones. In addition, you should avoid heating food and drink in plastic containers. In fact, it is much better to use glass containers for all your food storage, or stainless steel is another good alternative.



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