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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Eat to Live rather than live to eat.


We really are what we eat.

Having said that, it is also difficult if not almost impossible to eat clean these days.

The system is stacked against us in more ways than one.

Let's go back about 100 thousand years or so or about 3000 generations.

We have not changed a fraction of 1%, but everything around us has changed tremendously.

Now realize that we are all emotional beings before we are rational, unless of course there are loads individuals out there with pointed ears(Spock like).

When we are guided by our emotions we have emotional attachments, when you have an emotional attachment you have a bias!!!

Now it is very difficult to look at things from a neutral perspective.

Really think about this the next time you hear somethings that may shake your believes about what you think is true.

Let's take you and me and a few other people and imagine we are in an experiment where we are left to hunt and gather for a week in the woods of North Carolina, or Borneo, depending on your ancestry, but that's a whole other story.

After that week we are to report exactly what we ate, and then try to find a percentage of each micro-nutrient, fats, carbohydrates or proteins, and which was the most abundant and which was the least.

Well I can tell you you're not going to find any Twinky trees, or bagel bushes out there.

Yes you guessed it the least abundant micro-nutrient would be carbohydrates, and when the least abundant becomes the most abundant, the  message is----Store Body Fat.!!!

Just look around, about 35-40% of the population is now considered obese, and that figure is climbing at an alarming rate.

Even worse is what's happening to our kids, I don't need to bore you with the statistics but they are not good.

As responsible parents would you not want the best for them so they can go on and truly fill their true potential?

So let's return to carbohydrates, and because in the past they where relatively scarce, we are HARDWIRED to seek them out, because they gave us the energy to explosively move fast!!!

Yea I'm talking survival, escape that predator, or defend our homestead.

Now this knowledge has been exploited to create huge profits for some people, carbs are cheap easily packaged and stored, think about this the next time you enter the grocery store.

The moment you walk in all the cheap carbs in the form of breads, cereals, chips, cookies, and liquid carbs sodas, are right in the front of the store and easily available to you.

Even the hight of where those products are displayed has been carefully researched to market them better, I'm talking eye level folks.

Don't get me wrong I find nothing wrong in making an honest buck!!

It just seems lately the word HONEST is missing.

This is only the tip of the iceburgh, we haven't even gotten into inflammatory fats, genetically modified foods, artificial flavor enhancers(MSG), pesticides

and a host of other factors to make these foods last longer on the shelves and tap into our ancient hardwiring, to get us addicted.

Did you know that the same areas of the brain light up when fed sugary junk food, as when given narcotic like drugs like cocaine or heroin?

The more body fat you carry the more you will actually SHRINK your brain, Dr Daniel Amen has coined this as the "Dinosaur syndrome", bigger body smaller brain become extinct.

Alright I'll admit it I'm an addict, the difference is I'm addicted to movement, and feeling good, and having the energy to play with my 11 year old daughter,

and being able to think clearly and therefore hopefully make smarter choices.

We can all do this,  most diseases are entirely preventable.

There are different articles on the site to explain some of the other things I mentioned, including downloadable charts on MSG and Pesticides and GMO foods.

Make the life shift before it is too late to do so, if not for yourself, do it for your kids.

No one says it's easy, but I can tell you the rewards are huge.......imagine there can be a twenty year difference between your chronological and biological age, TWENTY years, how much is that worth to you???

Write me a check, for an extra twenty years, naaa just make the shift, that is reward enough for me.

So educate yourself, avoid the pitfalls and traps, choose to live and eat clean.

Purchase these healthy foods and have them scanned and now empower yourself to make a statement and invoke change, essentially voting for that healthy product.

Unfortunately our government is not going to do this, neither will these giant food corporations, it is up to us!!! Are you ready to take back control in your life?



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