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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Exercise, the proverbial fountain of youth.


It will rejuvenate virtually every tissue and organ in the body, including mitochondria, muscle mass, the brain and heart.

Studies done at Canada's McMaster university in mitochondrial aging,

found laboratory mice lacking the primary mitochondrial repair mechanism,

increased their aging to the point they were all dead after one year.

All except the mice that were made to run, mitochondria are unique in that they have their own DNA which by the way is up to 10 times more susceptible to free radical damage.

Accumulated damage to the mitochondrial DNA leads to an energy crises which results in a progressive decline in tissue and organ function, so the mice without the primary repair mechanism aged prematurely, but not the mice that were running,(even without the repair mechanism present).

The mice that ran, remained youthful and healthy, while their sedentary peers were balding greying and losing interest in the opposite sex, they maintained their muscle mass and brain volume.

The researchers also noted huge recovery in age related damage to practically every tissue they could analyze.

These mice were actually more fit than wild mice!!!

Exercise alters the course of aging.

Having said that I believe that overdoing it can also be harmful, in that it does not allow the body to adequately recover and wear and tear is accelerated to the point of soft tissue injury.

The key is to find a way to increase mitochondrial biogenesis through exercise, but not to cause traumatic tissue failure.

So for myself, I have moved from longer aerobic to shorter anaerobic bursts,

Now for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week I can get the same results as hours of the same repetitive movements I used to do, were I would cause excessive joint wear to occur.

So move not at all and accelerate your aging, by shutting down those systems and losing muscle mass and organ function.

Or move too much and increase shear and accelerated joint wear and tear.


It's not no pain no gain,

Rather no brain no gain!!


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