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Written by Karel Nunnink   




The Pizza Equation.

Lets look at our lives as a circle, kind of like a pizza.

Now slice it up into 4 slices, one slice is 50% one is 20%another is 20% and the last is 10% of the pie.

These equal the real facts about the choices we make and how it will effect our journey, and how much control we really do have.

The 50% slice is representative of our lifestyle, now this is obviously the biggest slice and is controlled by us.

It represents our food intake, exposure to elements in our environment, and what when and how foods effect us.

This deals with what kinds of foods are consumed on a regular basis, carbs, proteins or fats, and when during the day they are consumed.

This will amount to the realease of certain hormones that can signal storage of energy, or usage of energy and what portions of each micro nutrient we consume, more protein less carbs, more fat less protein.

There are approximately 22000 registered diets each proclaiming their own path to everlasting health.

If that was true we would certainly be the fittest and thinnest nation on the planet, nothing could be further from the truth!!!

Just look at the word diet and take away the T.

It also deals with how clean we can live, meaning exposure to enviromental toxins in our enviroment and food and water supply.

These toxins will disrupt hormones and cause massive free radical storms in the body.

Not to mention GMO foods, they include corn soy canola and others.

For more information on Genetically Modified Foods and how destructive they are, down load the chart on GMO foods.

Most of the environmental threats to our health emanate from things around the house, like plastic shower curtains for example release phylates, these are known as endocrine disrupters and will therefore attack reproductive systems especially in young and yet unborn males, because they are estrogen based.

The real name is xenoestrogens, that means they are not of this world, but are an artificial(alien) set of molecules.

So if  you can minimize exposure to toxins and maximize nutritional input you can have the biggest slice of the pie.

The second largest slice of the pie is your genetic makeup 20%, and you have no controll over the hand you've been dealt.

But just because you may have a genetic predisposition to certain traits that allows for more efficient energy storage, doesn't mean that these genes have to be expressed, or turned on.

You have controll over the switch, and again lifestyle choices will determine if they are turned on or off.

The third largest slice equals excercise!!!20%.

How much and what kind of movement we do.

Remember, the body you have is the body you've earned by the way that you move.

Most people will mistakenly think this makes up the largest life changing factor, but in comparison with food and nutrition it has a smaller effect on long term health.

You can exercise until you are blue in the face, if you do not change lifestyle you will not reach your goals.

That does not demean the importance of exercise on the contrary, movement is essential for survival, it drives metabolism and builds and maintains muscle mass.

Many experts agree that is one, if not the most important factor in how well we age.

There are countles theories and books and gyzmos that promise to do everything while we do the minimum, just realize if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, the greater the effort the greater the reward.

The field is also changing  constantly with past  emphasis on cardio and the cooper institute studies of the 60's.

Now changed to more resistance and weight training, in balance with cardiovascular workouts, or multi joint metabolic training of which the current cross fit system is popular, but more is not necessarily better.

New understanding of brain function and activation is leading the field of Neuro biomechanics, where addressing the nervous system is exploring new systems of movement with incredible results, remapping the brain to create better movement for longer in our lifespan, with less pain.

One of the best things to do is find a qualified fitness professional that really understands biomechanics anatomy physiology, and Neurobiomechanics.

All exercise comes down to risk versus benefit assesments, a good professional knows how to increase the benefit and lower the risk at the same time.

Now that last piece, supplements,this equals 10% of the pie.

This industry has exploded in the last 10 years, promising everything by taking that little pill.

Just realize this industry is totaly unregulated and what it says on the label can be quite different from what is actually in the bottle.

Now there are several supplements I take that have been proven to decrease free radical damage, increase cellular metabolism and increase hormonal function.

They can also decrease plaque in the brain that gunks up our neural transmission lines.

Remember if you want to effectively slow down the aging process you have to look at it from the cellular level, to effect the largest you have to understand the smallest.

There is some debate on whether there is a need to supplement at all, to this I answer if you eat any kind of bread and drink water, you are already supplementing.

Our soil has been stripped of many vital nutrients, for example, the spinach of today carries about 30% less phytonutrients than it did even 30 years ago.

Make sure that the company you purchase from has their products assayed for purity.

The best form off analyzing purity is chroma-graphically, but this type of equiptment is expensive and few companys will offer this.

You get what you pay for in most instances, I have recomended a few in some of my other articles.

All this equates to wellness, and hopefully make us realize we have much more controll over our destiny than previously thought.

However if we do not act now to change and elliminate these toxins and hormonal disruptors, it will cause genetic changes in our kids and their kids that will be impossible to overcome. Every generation will get worse.

The time for complacency is over.





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