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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Hi happy 4th everyone! I see a lot of people flying the stars and stripes, and I do think we live in the greatest nation, but there are some scary things on the horizon that we will have to come to terms with.

I'm sure your all familiar with the national debt, joblessness and so many more things that make us feel powerless.

But let me tell you one thing you can control, your health and lifestyle choices.

Be a true patriot and change the way you purchase and eat food control your destiny, feel the energy return, fight to make us competitive against the rising economies that threaten to rob us of our ingenuity and the ability to create new ideas.

We need sharp young brains and a system to lovingly guide them to their full potential, how can this happen when we set an example off chemical dependence  and bad lifestyle choices ourselves.

Look around, it's so obvious where we need to make changes.

That's why I created, to give anyone who wants to make a small step the information and support to do so.

Be a patriot help yourself, and your family and therefore your community, and finally your country.


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