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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Power up your mitochondria.


It is estimated that 85% of oxygen contained in every breath you take is consumed by to mitochondria within each cell of your body.The decay of the energy producing powerhouses in turn lies at the core of most age related pathologies.

In experimental models examining the mitochondrial theory of aging It has been shown that cells microinjected with mitochondria isolated from old animals degenerate far more rapidly than those microinjected with mitochondria from young animals .

The good news is that when supplied with a nutrient regimen that includes lipoic acid a profound regeneration is observed in similar animal models, including improved metabolic function and a marked decline in oxidative stress.

The mitochondrial theory of aging has long held a prominent place in scientist understanding of the processes that impact aging.This theory explains that accumulated DNA damage to mitochondria, the cells energy generators, leads to increased free radical stress and decreased cellular energy production.

In the past 30 years a wealth of evidence supporting the mitochondrial theory of aging has led prominent researchers such as Dr Bruce Ames, to consider it a major contributor to aging.

Researchers have further discovered that Lipoic acid enhances the effects of insulin, benefiting glucose metabolism and lowering blood sugar levels . This prevents sugar molecules in the blood in hooking up with protein molecules creating advanced glycation end products that will eat up and destroy connective  tissues, and cause a host of other problems, including the acceleration of the onset of cardiovascular disease, brain degeneration, ocular disorders,(that's your eyes) and cancer. Lipoic acid also has beneficial effects on the forces that cause us to gain weight and store excess fat.

It works on brain areas to reduce appetite food intake and bodyweight.

Lipoic acid also stimulates increased energy expenditure burning excess calories by activating cellular energy signaling complexes.

Overweight and obese people lose their normal sensitivity to insulin resulting in ever higher levels of blood sugar and advanced glycation end product induced tissue damage.

Lipoic acid improves insulin sensitivity and stimulates sugar uptake from the blood to help normalize sugar levels.

In the liver Lipoic acid decreases fat production and accumulation, helping to prevent the development of dangerous nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The results spoke for themselves as  various subjects lost an average of almost 10% of their body weight and decreased waist size by up to 4 inches.

I use a combination of alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine, every day.

There are many websites and nutritional products making this combination of nutrients.

For more info on some other great nutrients refer back to the article named my lifestyle pointers.



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