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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Do foods made with fat substitutes actually make us fatter?


Yes, according to a study by Purdue University researchers who discovered fat substitutes not only don’t help consumers lose weight, but they may actually help them pack on pounds.


The study, reported in a blog in the Washington Post, looked at two groups of rats — one fed a high-fat diet, the other fed a low-fat one. The high-fat diet group was further divided into two more groups including one fed high-fat, high-calorie Pringles chips in addition to its regular food, and the other given those same chips some days and low-calorie Pringles made with olestra on other days. Olestra is a fat substitute with no calories.


The rats that alternated between the full-fat and olestra-containing chips ate more food overall, gained more weight, and grew more fatty tissue than did the rats that ate only full-fat, higher-calorie chips.


Okay, so it’s just a rat study. But rats and humans do have similar biological responses to food.

The moral to this story is, it's not fat that makes you fat.

It's the extra carbs that will make your insulin soar to pack away that fat around your belly. It's clear that when we try to change or shortcut the way foods work in the natural environment, there is an inevitable price to pay.


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