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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Nature and Technology.


Mother nature doesn't care about technology she's into survival the really basic motivation that hasn't changed in millions of years.

This is perhaps the hardest thing for most people to grasp but we know that genes that control every cell in our bodies haven't changed one fraction of 1% in more than 30,000 years.

Essentially the brain shifts your body into a catabolic tailspin after age 40 because it's simply doing what it was programed to do many thousands of years ago.

Your DNA  does not know about hospitals, miracle drugs and refrigerators packed with food. All it knows is that in the past when muscle mass and activity decreased and immunity started to fail it was not a good sign.

Our technology in other words has outstripped our biology, mankind's technological achievements have led to an arrogant indifference to nature's game and so we suffer we suffer with the life expectancy of 76.7 years when our bodies are capable of lasting one  hundred and 20 years or more.

We suffer with a host of illnesses that are entirely preventable we suffer from an excess of fear and poverty of spirit and enthusiasm, in our blindness we turn for help in the wrong for direction to technology instead of nature. We behave as though our upset stomach where the results of an antacid deficiency.

Our fatigue comes from a lack of caffeine, cancer can be cured with poisons fitness doesn't matter anymore and unwanted fat will melt away with a diet pill.

These are absurd notions, as is the idea that the answer to your stress filled maxed out life is better time management or anxiety medication.

So live in the moment go out and play, never let that little boy or girl inside you die, then you can withstand all the stresses this world puts on you because you're young again  at heart.


Text from the book "The Metabolic Plan" Stephen Cherniske PHD


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