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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The political conundrum.


The problem lies in the system, our elected representatives, and I hesitate to use the word leaders, who create the laws and therefore set the standards. They only get to be in office through large contributions from corporations and other special interest groups, nobody else really has a chance.


These same individuals are now beholding to these corporations, even though they vehemently deny this.

It's as if they are puppets dancing, creating the illusion they are working in the publics best interests, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth!!!


You have to look and follow the strings to see who is really controlling things.

All the laws are slanted to favor these groups.


In the meantime we just look and blame the government and their policies which are hugely inefficient and redundant.


The only way effective change will ever come about, is the elimination of corporate and therefore special interest political contributions.


The politicians, once elected will do anything to stay in office as long as possible, because of all the special perks created for them, which makes them immune to all problems of ordinary citizens.

So you see it is a two fold problem which will not go away, until the incentives or $$$$ go away.

So this is the reality, now what are our options?

1. Protest and scream about how unfair it is.

2. Vote to change the system, but this could be incredibly difficult given that the power groups will go to almost any means to keep the status quo.

3. Learn the system and rules then use them to favor your business.


It's not fair nor easy, meet the challenge or be like an Ostrich.


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