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Written by Karel Nunnink   

We all know instinctively that if we get this, we have to give up something else, life is a trade off every day we compromise to try to create balance. At least that is the way it used to be.

The other day, while enjoying a movie with my family, I happened to observe in the isle in front of me a woman probably in her sixties sitting there with a huge container of popcorn doused in fake butter on top of which she had a hot dog.

As she would take a bite of the hot dog and grab a handfull of popcorn, I could see the way she just so enjoyed the whole experience,then a big gulp of soda through her straw, and a loud pleasurable exhale after. This moment to her was heaven, and I felt great empathy in her moment of happiness and joy.

If only she could see the trade off she was making and the inevitable cost to her ability to maintain mobility and mental clarity, let alone the havoc amongst cellular systems including vascular and cancer promoting agents.

But then the signs were already present in the way her skin sagged at the base of her neck and bags under her eyes, the big brown age spots on her hands as she reached for the popcorn, the thinning lifeless looking hair and finally the girth of her waistline, and those hormonal factories creating resistance to insulin. It would only be a matter of time before there would be a catastrophic system shutdown, stroke heart attack brain tumor or some other crisis.

I started to think about what other underlying factors were causing this potentially self destructive behavior to occur in millions of other people throughout the world, was she depressed and essentially self medicating herself by increasing levels of serotonin, and therefore decreasing dopamine and other vital brain receptors. Was she lonely and eating to ease the sense of loneliness? Or were these foods creating opiate like feelings and therefore an addiction as strong as heroine or cocaine?

I don't believe there are any easy answers, weightloss is after all a hormonal event and you can starve yourself but if your blood sugar remains high you will NOT loose any weight. So why do so many of us wait until some catastrophic event finally hits us with enough force to generate change, but then it may be already too late. I witnessed an acquaintance last year in his final days of advanced prostate cancer, tied up to various intravenous devices ankles swollen to almost basketball seize and the look of death in his eyes. He would have done anything not to be there!!! No one in their right frame of mind wants to die this way. I certainly don't and these images keep me motivated to avoid his painful demise.

I do know that change is also the biggest obstacle, and without some sort of accountability and loving support system the chance of breaking these behaviors are small to none.

Self realization and admitting there is a problem is the first step.

Be thankful of the gift you have been given, life is short time is precious.

In this season of celebration think off your loved ones and as we douse them with gifts, remember the most important gift, your health because it will allow you to be able to spend more quality time with those who really matter to you.


The happiest of holidays to all.

From my family to yours.



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