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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Do not go gently into that good night,

rage rage against the dying of the light.

This Dillon Thomas poem epitomizes the struggle and will to live.
And you too can live with more vigor, disease free, be vibrant and active.
All of this is possible with the right lifestyle choices.
Remember 70% of how you decline is controlled entirely by you.
1. genetics
2. lifestyle, nutrition and supplements
3. Positive attitude
4. exercise
5. Fear of Change
6. Loving support system
Exercise is important in that it maintains and builds muscle mass, one of the most important anti aging factors.
Muscle mass equates to fitness, and that is hard wired into every cell in our body because fitness equaled survival!!
1. then and now, in 100 thousand years we have changed very little as a species, but everything around us has changed at an incredible rate.
2. metabolism, 1 lb of muscle burns 60-90 times the calories as 1 lb of fat.
3. Joint bracing
4. Power, balance and reaction
5. Different types of strength.
6. Self expression and sports
7. Going catabolic (cortisol and other muscle wasting hormones)
8. Hypertrophy verses atrophy
We replicate and repair over 185 billion cells everyday.
Every 8 years every cell in our body is duplicated, so every 8 years we either double our rate of aging or keep it the same.
How incredible is that??
Our cells today are exposed to an incredible array of environmental toxins,
creating free radical firestorms that can wreck havoc on those cellular replications.
1. Xerox copy machine ( the info fades and becomes difficult to read)
2. Which bodily part effected
3. Hormonal disruptors( xenoestrgens and their effect on us)
4.Glycation and inflammation
5. Mitochondria
6. Unraveling telomeres
All this takes work and dedication, unfortunately sick care is immensely profitable, healthcare is not, so finding a good source of reliable unbiased information is vital to discovering preventative therapies.
You can have twenty year difference between chronological and biological aging, in other words work at these goals and the rewards are huge, twenty years of your life, can you put a price on that?
If you were to put all these factors together and rate them for importance,
it would be.
1. Lifestyle and nutrition 50-60%
2.exercise 15-20%
3.genetics 15-20%
4. supplements 10-20%
Don't wait until it is too late, come explore infinite possibilities, life changing stories, and become that person you were always meant to be.
Never let that little boy or girl inside you die, because then you can withstand all the stresses this world puts on you, because you are young again at heart.

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