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Written by Karel Nunnink   

36 ways to torch fat !!!!!

1.eat six small meals a day,
Rev your metabolism by stoking the furnace of digestion.
2. Run 10 x 100 yard sprints and burn up to 500 calories.
3. Wait 20 minutes before going for seconds.
3. Snack on pistachios instead of pretzels
4. Use a smaller dinner plate , smaller portions less calories.
5. Workout with partner or professional.
Increase your intensity.
6. Eat peanuts from their shells.
You'll eat 50% less peanuts in one sitting trying to shell them.
7. Train fasted once a week.
Keep adrenaline high and blood sugar low.
8. Take a before photo, you'll be more motivated knowing where you need to go.
9. Replace your morning bagel or muffin and fruit juice with a bowl of oatmeal and protein packed eggs.
10. Do 1 multi joint exercise to burn before your workout,
You will douse yourself in growth hormone prior to doing your regular routine.
11. Put generous amount of cinnamon in your morning coffee to increase your body's ability to use insulin.
12. Use a cardio machine with handles, as now you will burn up to 30% more calories using your upper body also.
13. Drink tea, it's loaded with fat burning antioxidants.
14. Seize up your proteins , a 3-5 once serving should be the seize of a smartphone.
15. Eat more avocados, this kind of fat will help burn fat.
16. Change up your workout, this will reboot your metabolism, every 4to 6 weeks.
17. Use larger muscles earlier in your workout, example squat or dead lift ,this will create a bigger metabolic effect.
18. Feast on negative calorie foods like celery , this will fire up your metabolism  while not loading you up with calories.
19. Bike to work this Wil burn 500 calories an hour.
20. Eat less sugar,this means bagels and white breads too, limit yourself to about 70 calories a day.
21. Go cross blading, rollerblades with ski poles and burn 600-700 calories an hour.
22. Clean out your cupboard , remove temptation at home and you will be more successful.
23. Try two days of low carb with one day of normal carb usage, your body will be more primed for weight loss.
24. Do burpees , they are compound movements that will recruit almost all muscle groups.
25. Eat energy dense foods in the AM, more carbs, then switch to nutrient dense in the evenings , less carbs
26. Switch to chocolate containing more then 70% coco this will load you up on phytonutrients and decreased sugar at the same time.
27. Avoid diet sodas, these contain nutrasweet  which have been shown to attack parts of the brain controlling hunger.
28. Sleep 7 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep a night this will help rebuild muscle tissue and lower blood sugar.
29. Avoid eating carbs 3-4 hours prior to bedtime, high blood sugar levels will  decimate your growth hormone response during REM  sleep.
30. Skip the elevator.
31. Add heat to your meal, spices will speed up your metabolism and make you eat slower, also you will probably drink more.
32. Do pushups every morning, it will jump start your day .
33. Do surges either with weights or body weight only, 7-10 30 second surges will hep you lose up to ninefold increase in subcontaineous fat loss.
34. Take your kids to the park, you can do all the pull ups, pushups and abb work you want.
35.drink icy cold water this will cause your body to utilize more calories warming up the water in your intestines
36. Don't hold on to the side rails on cardio machines, this will help your balance and work more muscles while saving your back.


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