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Written by Karel Nunnink   


We as human beings are all emotional first and foremost.
Second we are rational and the degree will vary with individuals, so if we are driven by our emotions it becomes clear that the choices we make are also emotionally driven.
For example let's look at a gym environment.
There are the people on the cardio machines reading magazines and watching TV, for hours at a time, and only a few are really sweating.
Then there are the people in the cage, grunting and sweating and trying to lift ridiculous amounts of dumbbells and barbells.
The  point is we all do what we are good at or are more comfortable with, see the emotional connection?
Well I say get off there, and do something your not so good at.
This is the hardest part and why we need a support system to help us make the right choices and help guide us along the way.
So when we are emotionally driven, we have an emotional attachment, and now we have a bias.
When we are bias, we cannot look at things with a neutral perspective and we all know where that road leads us.
We do the same things over and over again leading to excessive joint wear and muscular imbalances, at the same time our body's have adapted to our activities and weight loss is at a minimal.
It's like driving a brand new car of the lot and then driving for months without rotating the tires, well your going to get bald tires.
The same holds true for our joints repetitive motion over time will lead to excessive joint wear and damage, you see you can buy new tires but you can't buy new joints!!
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