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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Parabens and breast cancer

These chemicals are added to everything from deodorants most shampoos and a lot of processed foods also they are found in many pharmaceutical drugs.
Most are added to cheaply extend shelf life and improve product stability.
Based on tests conducted, nearly every single woman with breast cancer has one or more parabens in their breast tissue.
99% of woman studied had at least one type of paraben, while 60% contained at least five.
So where do these chemicals come from? Well most deodorants are loaded with them, so are a lot of hair products.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for example found nearly every human urine sample tested contained parabens, and they are tied to causing organ system toxicity, reproductive and fertility problems, birth and developmental defects, and endocrine(hormone)disruption.
So read labels, and choose to purchase products free of these harmful chemicals, therefore forcing these company's to stop producing them.



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