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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Exercise and activating fat burning hormones.

A newly discovered hormone produced in response to exercise, can actually turn visceral and omentus  fat into the metabolically active brown fat.
This will positively effect the ability to fight diabetes and other fatty related health problems.
Scientist have discovered that muscle cells influence biological processes in other parts of the body beyond just the muscles, in fact muscle cells communicate biochemically with fat cells.
Research at Harvard Medical school
discovered a new hormone named Irisin, that seems to turn regular deep omentus fat clustered around vital organs into the more active calorie burning brown fat. That is a really big deal, and again shows how important it is to keep moving.
In essence the discovery of Irisin appears to be one of the more important links in our understanding of how exercise improves health.
Now we are not all created equal and some of us have more brown fat than others, but all of us can increase that amount, and therefore increase our metabolic engine, some exercises are more efficient than others, but can be more risky.
Still exercise should only be an integrated part of a whole lifestyle changing program, also researchers found that even if only small amounts of weight loss is occurring the new discovered hormone will resist further weight gain.
Live long and strong.


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