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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The importance of enzymes

Most people do not realize the critical importance of consuming foods with live enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for every reaction in the human body live enzymes are only found in uncooked unprocessed foods. These enzymes aid in the digestion of food you ingest, if the food is processed it doesn't have live enzymes the body now has to borrow them from other important enzymatic functions therefore leading the way toward a host of degenerative diseases. Our pancreas normally produces metabolic enzymes they take care of all the processes going on every minute from producing energy to providing a strong  immune system.  Suddenly this enzyme production for metabolism is interrupted to help out with our digestion of these processed or dead foods.
The pancreas empties the borrowed enzymes into the upper portion of the small intestine. The enzymes don't have enough time to properly digest the food, the food passes into the small intestine undigested  putrefying as it passes through the small and large intestine.  this causes gas and harmful waste products it also damages the good bacterial culture within the colon. When the pancreas is forced to produce massive amounts of enzymes 2 to 3 times a day it gradually loses the ability to produce enzymes.
The entire metabolic system is slowly affected we experience degenerative changes the breakdown of our immune system and accelerated aging process. All are the results of one source, processed foods. The strain on the immune system alone is immense it is a fact that all white blood cells contain enzymes which destroy foreign invaders, without proper enzymes. These white blood cells cannot do their job properly. Continuous depletion of metabolic enzymes hinders the blood stream. They are needed to help clean the system, break down fats and other harmful materials, if these enzymes are not there imagine the effects of accumulated fat within the system over a period of 20,30, or 40 years. Think of the damage and waste products that have built up.
There is only one enzyme that can break down fat it is lipase without lipase we don't digest fats we store them. This takes place within the arterial walls no wonder heart disease is the leading killer in this country so what's the answer? You do have choices the most important a change of lifestyle, you should avoid processed foods eat organically grown produce and fruits and drink unpasteurized or flash pasteurized fresh juices or blenderize  your vegetables. Avoid the use of microwave ovens because the rapid vibrations cause active enzymes to detach and become inactive. Flash- fry or stir- fry foods, don't boil to high temperatures anything over 118° destroys enzymes.
There are also active enzyme supplements available. However buy with caution not all supplements are equal. The research involving enzymes is growing daily, the medical profession is now using enzyme therapy for stroke and heart attack victims. Enzyme therapy dissolves clots responsible for the stroke or heart attack. In conclusion you can make the right choices to live a long and active life. You have to prioritize your values. live long and prosper.


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