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Written by Karel Nunnink   

New genetic gateways

Ten years ago, after decoding the human genome project, researchers ran eagerly after the prospects of finding simple treatments for fixing damaged or bad genes, that could be causing everything from cancer, diabetes to obesity and other addictive behaviors like smoking and a host of mental disorders.
Unfortunately the answers weren't so simple, the genetic map combined with imaging techniques like MRI and CT scans, revealed the true complex nature of these disorders.
Instead of simple genetic connections, there are dozens and sometimes hundreds of genes involved in these ailments.
Each individual seems to posses unique patterns of genetic influence.
Now allopathic medicine realizes that cancers like breast cancer, isn't one disease but dozens.
So while the hope for genetic cures are still there, it just has become many times more complex.
The good news is that we now realize the flexibility and variety of the genetic programming in each of us, and how much this is influenced by lifestyle choices. This composes a revolutionary change in genetic thinking among researchers .
For instance research now shows that just improving your diet, exercising and reducing stress levels can improve the genetic output of at least 500 genes.
That proves that prevention has a real physiological basis, but the new genetic flexibility allows us to go much further.
Meaning that we are in constant conversations with practically every cell in our body, and at the molecular level every thought and action has consequences.
Our genes in essence are eavesdropping on every detail of our lives, including lifestyle habits but also moods, beliefs and just about everything we experience.
That means that we have a much greater ability to control the trillions of cells that makes up our being than previously thought.
Thought and consciousness control higher health, we now realize the mind has unlimited potential for healing and greater levels of wellness.
So be careful what you wish for, it might just happen.
Live long and strong.


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