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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Movement and expression.
To be able to express yourself creatively leads to feelings of jubilation and purpose, whether through painting music or movement.
Athletes at some level, to achieve that special feeling of timelessness, are true artists.
They balance gravity with centripital force, often wind and terrain fluctuations with their own muscular force and kinestetic awareness, to multiply their own energy tenfold.
Through the power of visualization they are able to move without thinking just reacting with instinctive intuition.
Movement is resistance exercise. Like an artist creating a painting, you must create layers to blend dark and light, heavy and lighter, fast and slow, and everything in between.
The deeper you go into the origin of all movement, to the minute protein motor myosin within the myofibrils, to the spark plug of the body ATP and its derivative ATP Ase, the more accurately you can layer in the specificity needed.
Because strength is specific to how you train.
You have to understand the smallest to manipulate the largest.
Start with the base, slow twitch fibers for posture and vertebral alignment. Isometric contractions are needed to stabilize the 33 vertebral segments of the spine.
Create motor pattern awareness through neuromuscular adaptation by working the posterior shunting muscles to help maintain alignment, and therefore creating a stabilizing effect on the skeletal system.
These shunting muscles are made of the posterior upper torso and anterior lower torso.
They help to maintain neutral spine position and proper pelvic alignment.
Now the large spurting muscles which hang off the skeletal frame can be properly strengthened.
Once the core and pillar strength has been established, move to intermediate and fast twitch fibers while constantly assessing resistance profiles and strength profiles as to decrease destructive forces on passive and connective tissues.
Juggling all these factors and then adding client needs and goals, create a challenging experience and can evoke many positive changes.
When done in a well-layered well-honed method, like a painting with its many layers of color and texture, the trainer works with motion creating emotion and changing perception. Because perception is after all reality.
Live long and strong.


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