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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Vigorous Movement and Gene Expression
Just one exercise session can have a positive effect on your DNA.
Maybe this will motivate you to work out. New research supports the idea that you don't need to spend hours at the gym everyday for your body to start feeling the positive effects of exercise. In fact, a single session on a stationary bike can affect your very DNA.
Okay, so your actual genetic code won't morph into that of Arnold, but exercise sets signals in motion almost instantly that determine which genes get turned on and off. These what-are-called epigenetic changes signal to the muscles,  to tone up. The study is in the journal Cell metabolism.
Researchers recruited 14 men and women in their mid-20s who didn't usually exercise. After a short but intense spin on a bike, samples of their muscle tissue showed temporary, but big, changes in several types of epigenetic signals. Further tests showed that some of the same effects could be achieved with a jolt of caffeine.
The key word being some!!  The changes with the caffeine were not as pronounced and lasted only a short time, while the exercise induced epigenetic signals lasted up to 36 hours depending on intensity.  So if your looking for a double shot, hit your local coffee shop and then sprint to work either on foot on your bicycle.
This again reaffirms the fact that you have more control over your destiny than you thought, remember over 70% of how well you age is controlled by you.
Live long and strong.


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