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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Natures perfect sports drink

The best way to recover and allow for all bodily systems to function at peak is trough proper hydration.
Most often clean water is enough, along  with such natural sugars and antioxidants as found in organic fruits.
Remember you don't get stronger doing your favorite activity, you get stronger after when you rest and rebuild.
Depending on the time and intensity of the workout mineral depletion may not even be a factor, however in activities lasting more then 1 hour electrolyte depletion can occur.
There are a plethora of sports drinks available, and I warn you to choose wisely or all that time invested could be waisted.
Don't be fooled by the millions of dollars spent on advertising gimmicks and partial truths.
Once again it proves that the environment, (nature) is so intuitively more intelligent then anything man made!!!
Choose Coconut water, found inside young unripe coconuts, the balance of electrolytes in coconut water is nearly the same as human blood.
It is the only substance that has been used for ages to safely be injected intravenously into the human blood stream.
You can pick up coconut water at your favorite retail grocery store, and if you are worried about pesticide contamination, choose Organic.
Now drink up and you will be
rewarded with 15 times more potassium and powerful antioxidants and lower in calories and sugars than most commercial sports drinks.
Live long and strong.


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