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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Time and motion

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and those dear to us, is time.
I'm sure you've heard the phrase, savor the moment.
Well how does that translate? How can we make each special moment last longer?
It all starts by letting go!! Letting go of planning and future thinking, or thinking of some past event, start by paying attention to your breathing.
Feel the air molecules enter your nose and follow it down slightly below your belly button, hold for a spell and exhale through your mouth, this allows you to let go of the constant barrage of hundreds of thoughts firing in your brain each  minute.
Now get up and move whether walking, running or biking, use the power of visualization. Before we do anything, there is a picture or film playing in your brain a split second before the motion.
So if your a runner imagine yourself striding along on ice just thick enough to bear your weight, see the ice cold water rushing along below the ice, and your stride is now perfect, no more wasted up and down motion.
A good coach will use such metaphors to instantly correct problems with just a few phrases , you see a picture is worth a thousand words.
So now let your feet blur with the motion, lose your mind and come to your senses.
Each moment lasts an eternity as you have now engaged in that never ending stream of change that constitutes pure ego-less movement.


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