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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Exercise and fat loss

Experts used to say in order to lose weight you need to cut calories.
Calories in minus calories out.
The truth is fat loss is a hormonal event based on the hormone insulin.
That means we can literally starve ourselfs but if our blood sugar levels are too high we will not loose any significant weight.
If we look back 10.000 years or so, we realize we were mostly hunter gatherers. Today there are few society's that still hunt and gather, but they are all very lean, even the Inuit Indians in Alaska.
They consume mostly fat but their body fat ratios are extremely lean at 11%.
So if you and I were let loose in the woods for a week and then had to show what we consumed, between the 3 micronutrients, protein, carbs, and fat, the smallest portions would be CARBOHYDRATE...
Now when the least abundant carbohydrate, becomes the most abundant the message is store body fat.
This has to do with blood sugar, high levels of blood sugar from consuming excess refined carbs, releases more insulin, your major storage hormone and now your in constant nutrient storage mode, FAT.
The only way to lose weight is to lower blood sugar levels, to activate a hormone called hormone sensitive lipase, which will now mobilize fat for energy. One way to lower blood sugar is high intensity surges, because your largest reservoirs of blood sugar or glycogen are in your largest muscles, so when you dump this out by exercising vigorously, you will lower the volume of circulating blood sugar, and also increase the amount of insulin receptor molecules on the muscles, in essence becoming insulin sensitive rather then insulin resistant.
That is why the best  way to loose significant body fat is through high intensity surges focussing on the largest muscle groups. Just be aware it takes time and proper supervision to get to this level, the greater the intensity the more likely injury is a factor.
So hook up with a competent practitioner and start loosing that fat today.
Live long and strong.



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