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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Live better longer.
Most of us are aware of the benefits of " calorie deprivation " as extending lifespans as much as 30%. But who wants to live their life hungry and irritable all the time, certainly not me.
In our culture as in many others, food is a way of comforting ourselves or showing love and celebrating important occasions.
This has been used against us by mass media marketing and mega profits for some major food conglomerates.
New research now shows promise for a simple supplement called Resveratrol, which in some studies have extended lifespans as much as 25% in animals.
This without having to starve yourself, it also showed increased insulin sensitivity ( lower circulating blood sugar levels) and it improved motor function( coordination and balance).
Some other benefits also included, improvements on athletic endurance, it's a powerfully anti-inflamitory, anti cancer, anti- platelet, and has been shown to have a cholesterol lowering effect.
Now this doesn't give you a green light to go chugging down bottles of red wine, to get the desired dosage you would have to drink 30or 40 bottles. You can go online and purchase Resveratrol with grape seed extract, and this is not expensive. I use Vitacost, just make sure the product is assayed for purity.
Live long and strong.


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