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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Maximize energy usage in Sports or life.
To disassociate or associate.
Well there's the question, and I say do both.
First let's explain what this means, to disassociate means to put your mind in a state of not paying much attention to what is going on in the present.
Let's use the  example of running, since I'm a movement junky,
so you have your headphones on and are floating along with the music thinking about that great vacation you just came back from.
The point is you are transitioning between future and past, putting the body on auto pilot so to speak.
This is how a lot of people go through their exercise routine, and I think it's perfectly ok, some of the time.
The problem is that when you are disassociated, you are ignoring small tensions and discomforts that can collectively become larger problems and is energy robbing.

If you are an individual that is looking to maximize performance and energy expenditures, especially during heavy terrain changes, you need to associate.
By that I mean being in the moment or mindful, let's say that run is now leading you up a long climb.
Well you now have to first imagine that winch at the top of the hill and that cable attached to your torso about an inch below your belly button, pulling you up the hill.
Right away your posture is now in the right position as you start the climb and makes it easier to look up the hill slightly, which is what we are neurologically wired to do.
Then start paying attention to foot placement and are you pushing hard uphill off your feet?
Usually this also causes an unnecessary up motion and will rob you of energy.
Try thinking of lifting your knees and placing your foot slightly further ahead of you, then concentrate on pulling the foot under you and finish with a slight push, this is like driving a car with front wheel drive, rather then rear wheel drive. I like to imagine I have bungee cords attached from my hands to my opposite knees, and as my arm comes up in a slightly delayed motion my knee will come up and I almost effortlessly place my foot uphill and pull through the stride.
Now pay attention to breathing, and inhaling through the nose, pulling the air down into and below your belly button, utilizing your largest stores of nitric oxide, which stored in your nasal cavity also dilates blood vessels allowing for greater oxygen transport.
Wow!!! So many things going and so many things to pay attention to, and we haven't even gotten into tension release, or stride length  to name a few, and you can apply this to all sports.
This all boils down to the ability to adapt to that constant stream of change  that makes up all movement, and life itself( are you paying attention to your surroundings and adapting accordingly, or just letting yourself be led along with the powers at be?).
I suggest on the easy parts go ahead let go and immerse yourself in the music,
But on more challenging parts pay attention be mindful, time will slow down and the dance will take you further and faster.
Remember it's not how hard you work, it's how hard you relax when you work.

Live long and strong.



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