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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Hormonal Disruptors.
Diets high in estrogen create a condition called "estrogen dominance," according to Ori Hofmekler, author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet. "Estrogen dominance is believed to be responsible for age-related weight gain and metabolic disorders in both men and women," he says. In addition, estrogen dominance has put the human race in deadly danger.
We should be more worried about saving the human species than the spotted leopard, because humans are also on the fast track to extinction. In the past 50 years, sperm counts in men have dropped 50 percent, while the average man's testosterone level has plummeted 20 percent in just the last 20 years. Such sharp drops are a wakeup call.
The outlook for women is no better, Hofmekler says, citing figures showing that one-third of women who are now between ages 35 and 60 will develop breast cancer.
"If the human species were an animal, zoologists would look at us and say, ‘This species is about to become extinct. Something is seriously wrong. Let's see what can be done.'"
Study after study indicates that humans face major health problems in terms of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. The main reason, is too much estrogen.
If you think you can't possibly be eating foods loaded with estrogens, you're wrong — dead wrong. Most foods crowding supermarket shelves are estrogenic. Meat and dairy products contain hormones, and vegetables and fruits are covered in pesticides. Once inside the body, they all mimic estrogen, the female hormone that causes estrogen disorders, including breast cancer in women.
And estrogen virtually castrates men!!!
Synthetic forms of estrogen, called xenoestrogens, are industrial derivatives, and they are found in the air we breathe, cleaning products, lotions and shampoos, water, and foods. Natural estrogens, called phytoestrogens, occur naturally in common foods, herbs, and extracts. When the two are combined in the human body, as they are in today's modern society, they overwhelm the system.
Dr. Russell Blaylock, noted neurosurgeon and author of "The Blaylock Report," agrees. "Hofmekler is absolutely correct when he says that all of us are being exposed to large amounts of estrogenic compounds which are wreaking havoc with our hormone levels," he tells Newsmax Health. "Studies show that xenoestrogens from plastics appear to cause premature menses in young girls. Soy isoflavones appear to increase aggressiveness and heighten antisocial behavior in monkeys, and appear to feminize male animals.
"As Hofmekler points out, obesity also raises estrogen levels. I think the dramatic increase in benign breast disease (fibrocystic disease) as well as some breast cancers, is the result of too much estrogen. Studies have shown that genistein from soy increases the growth and invasion of breast cancer."
Although the foods we eat have changed — from seeds, nuts, beans, fish, and fruits to heavily processed foods filled with additives — our bodies haven't. We're modern men in suits and ties still living in a caveman's body.
According to Hofmekler, we have never adapted to such a surplus of estrogen in our food, so we're slowly eating ourselves into extinction. "That's the bad news," he says. "The good news is that man has amazing survival mechanisms that have helped him survive incredibly hard conditions such as famine, plague, and moving from one area of the world to another. But our survival mechanisms are not being triggered today because we live in a world that is totally different from the rugged world our bodies are adapted to. Instead, they remain dormant."
You have the power to negate the negative effects of these hormonal disruptors by;
• Eating lower down on the food chain. Eat foods that are more in tune with our genetic makeup such as fruits, vegetables, beans, roots, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy, and wild-caught fish.
• Minimize foods treated with chemicals. Eat as much organic food as possible, and avoid synthetic vitamins.
• Supplement your diet with nutrients that support your hormones. The flavones chrysin, apigenine, quercetin, and narigenin all inhibit estrogen, as well as the indoles: indole 3 carbinol, diindolymethane (DIM), and indole 3 acetate.
If knowledge is power, then this is powerful information to help us change our lifestyles.
Remember it takes about 6 weeks to break the powerful grip of being addicted to some of these foods, but the rewards are immense.
Take the initiative today, because every generation all these problems will increase tenfold in our offsprings.
Live long and strong.
Source Newsmax.


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