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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The bunny

For the past week or so, we have noticed this little furry creature hopping around in our back yard.
We got used to seeing it hopping around, as our daughter would feed it some carrot pieces.
As I left the house today on my run, I noticed this black cat near our bushes dragging something, and as I passed I saw it was the bunny rabbit, it's furry body limp and it's lifeless eyes staring aimlessly outward.
At that moment a feeling of sadness overcame me and I thought about this moment and the cool wind rustling the leaves, the smell of freshly cut grass and  how wonderful it was to be alive.
You see sometimes it takes an awareness of how close death is, to fully appreciate life.
Don't take this precious gift for granted, find balance in all you do, time is our most precious resource, take steps to improve your lifestyle  and take control over the choices we all make every day.
This is a lifestyle commitment and will take work and planning but the rewards are astronomical.
Live long and strong.


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