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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Force bending

Self expression is one way to deal with the never ending stresses imposed on us on a daily bases, either trough music creative writing or art, movement has always been my source of self enlightenment.
The dance consists of having to gather explosive strength with instant neurological responses at 60+ miles an hour balanced on a quarter inch of steel, pulling 2-3 Gs.
Intuitive intelligence, kinesthetic perception, forward balance are now all recruited to be able to bend and efficiently redirect gravity, centripetal force, and speed, through your center, you are in essence a transducer of force.
Using muscular energy only to maintain a neutral position on the skis, (balance).
Tension is the enemy, and utilizing the breath energy to shed tension stabilize core muscles and therefore instantly adapting to the stream of change that constitutes downhill ski racing.
There is no future and no past as full immersion in the here- now is required.
This also holds true for Windsurfing, where the dance is continued on water, instead of ice.
Wind now becomes another factor to harness, redirecting its force trough the core to the board.
Skimming along the surface at up to 40 miles an hour is a feeling now forever seared in your memory with joy and exuberance.
Then seeing that wave ramp up and you explode skyward....... 20 feet up and time slows to a crawl as you hang suspended in the moment.
I truly feel these are our biospheres greatest treasures, the wind, water and of course the power of gravity, to frolic and play with, to let these energies flow trough you and tap into only elevates your own awareness and life force, so you can then share and give love and inspiration to others.
In these types of sports where a direct connection with elemental forces is achieved, you can literally increase your own energy( power) 2-3 fold and achieve feats other athletes no matter how strong or powerful can't  accomplish.
This leads to feelings of jubilation and harmony and a expression of ones ego- less achievement.
Live long and strong.



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