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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The collagen connection.

Collagen is a protein that holds us together.
It is an important component of bone, tendon, ligament, and other joint tissues like cartilage.
Probably the most important fact for women over 50 is that it forms the foundation for your skin and arteries and keeps your internal organs functioning better.
After water Collagen is the major constituent of your body.
The way collagen is constructed is that it has a elastic and springy quality to it,
This allows for some give, like a tight rubber band.
Over time however collagen becomes stiff, like an old rubber band left out in the sun, so now that also happens to tissues and organs.
The reduced flexibility is very damaging to your arteries and as blood vessels lose flexibility, blood pressure rises and damage occurs.
Because recent studies have shown that collagen fibers are replaced slowly the turnover rate takes longer, which makes rebuilding harder but not impossible.
That is why protecting collagen should be a top anti-aging priority.
This is the reason why range of motion exercises where joints are moved to full rage of motion are so important, because of the ability to keep collagen lubricated with synovial fluid.
New research actually shows that exercise alters the composition of synovial fluids to increase levels of antioxidants and anabolic repair biochemicals including IGF-1 to support maintaining healthy joints.
Fibroblast production of collagen can now be increased by something people have been using for thousands of years.
The substance is Aloe Vera and you've probably heard how it accelerates healing when applied to a wound, but now researches found that not only does it increase the speed of healing, but also creates tissues that are stronger then prior to the injury, Aloe created faster healing, stronger tissue and increased collagen production.
Besides topical application, processing techniques have now been perfected to allow for Aloe to be ingested.
This method has been used to produce anabolic and anti catabolic benefits throughout the body by supporting immunity, healthy cell proliferation, Collagen production, detoxification, Antioxidant activity and Intestinal health.
Make sure the product is organic and  is 100% Aloe Vera juice.
Live long and strong.


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