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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The Burn
Its all about promoting growth hormone trough the "burn".
Like sprinting up the "hill", This hill is about 300 yards long with about a 40 degree incline, it will destroy you.
As I approached it a sense of dread and doubt entered my mind looking up at this formidable challenge.
But you cannot waiver in your will to succeed, I focused about 15 feet ahead moved my awareness to the breath energy, relaxed my upper body and let the power flow trough my legs.
Half way up the dirt got loose and I lost my footing, more energy wasted regaining my stride, legs burning arms pumping I had to keep going.
Driven by a desire to persevere for my young daughter, and setting an example for my clients, I reach the final push, my lungs making sounds like a steam locomotive, my heart pounding and legs screaming in burning agony, I push over the crest to the summit.
There the cool breeze from the small tendrils of fog still shrouding the mountain ease away the pain, as the view of the valley spreads out I bask in the achy glow of happy contentment.
My spirit is re energized.
Karel N.



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