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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Practical Occlusion Training

This is a fairly recent training method using restricted blood flow.
This allows one to train at lower intensities, yet receive the benefits of higher intensity training.
It also decreases load shearing and muscular damage.
How occlusion training does this is by increasing fast twitch fiber recruitment, these are the first muscles to go after age 40, and by increasing the accumulation of certain metabolites like lactic acid, which now creates a more acidic environment and therefore increase GH secretion by over 300%.
Also it increases protein synthesis.
Occlusion training does this by restricting blood flow to slow, or oxidative fibers these fibers are always recruited first, but have very limited growth potential.
Fast twitch fibers on the other hand or glycolytic fibers have a vast potential for growth, but because they are recruited last usually need heavy loads to get to.
When one moderately restricts blood flow, it limits the amount of oxygen available to he slow twitch fibers, thus causing a rapid recruitment of fast twitch fibers, without the shearing and added stress on joints incurred by heavy load training.
Occlusion training with low intensities has been shown to increase lactic and growth hormone secretions even higher then that seen with heavy resistance training.
Studies have shown increases in GH as much as 300%
Protein synthesis was increased three fold at up to 3 hours after the workout, this meant the body is primed for optimum muscle growth.
I have been training quite intense for some time and needed a break both physically and mentally, as this type of training can be mentally exhausting and therefore effect motivation.
Since switching to occlusion training I'm usingĀ 1/2 to 1/3 the weight, with fewer sets and much less stress on joints and corresponding connective tissues. The biggest problem now is that upon finishing the workout I feel as if I haven't done enough, until the day after when muscular soreness tells me different.
Increasing muscular seize and strength becomes more challenging as we get older, but I have found this type of training done properly can have fantastic results.
Make sure to check with a qualified Doctor if you have any type of arterial or cardiovascular problems, or are on various medications like blood thinners.
For more info visitĀ practical occlusion training.
Live long and strong.


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