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Written by Karel Nunnink   

The Catabolic Spiral.

In most men over 65 the mean basal cortisol to DHEA ratio is increased about 10 fold over that of young men.
This is a stunning reality  in the balance of Cortisol (catabolic) and DHEA (anabolic) metabolism.
Restoring anabolic metabolism can make a huge difference, and can be achieved through making hormonal changes or increasing mitochondrial functions.
First let's consider raising the anabolic side by restoring DHEA levels to youthful levels.
Supplemental DHEA should not exceed 50 mg a day and should be taken on empty stomach. Consult your doctor if you have had any prostate problems.
This will lead to more activity  greater muscle mass and a renewed sense of confidence and power.
DHEA levels can also be elevated in practicing some sort of stress management program like Tai Chi , or Meditation.
These programs have resulted in a 100% increase in DHEA and a 25 % decrease in cortisol.
Second we can also increase anabolic function by creating newer and more efficient mitochondria, as we increase the efficiency of the mitochondria we decrease the waste products and free radicals strewn toward and damaging DNA structures leading to error messages occurring, increasingly copying mutant cells and therefore multiplying  the chance of contracting some sort of cancer.
We can achieve greater mitochondrial efficiency by increasing the intensity but shortening the duration of certain exercises, there are a huge variety of exercise programs that will do this, see my You Tube videos.
Another way is to supplement with Branched chain aminos and PQQ, Acetyl L Carnitine, Alpha lipoic Acid, Ubiquinine, for starters
These methods have been shown to increase anabolic activity even in advancing age.
So don't be a victim of the catabolic spiral, stay active and mobile far longer then your parents did, it just takes planning and knowledge.
Live long and strong.



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