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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Contrast loading

The more I studied anatomy the more clear it became to me that sometimes going full range of motion under excessive loading forces was detrimental to my articular surfaces in the joints, and therefore sacrificed mobility in the long run.
My goal is to stay as strong for as long as possible, so to keep my cartilage pliable and smooth is vitally important, hyaline cartilage is 500 times more slippery then ice, and thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges of joint surfaces.
Also going to extreme ranges of motion dictates a certain stretching of ligaments, which do have a plastic elastic component and therefore will lengthen somewhat, but at a costly price.
Healthy ligaments stretch and recover, but overuse over time can destroy the ability of the fibers to recover or snap back, this creates laxity in joints and leads to lack of nutrient exchange ( imbibition)and therefore a wearing and sometimes tearing of cartilage.
Now osteoarthritis sets in and your mobility is gone!!!
Since fast twitch fibers are the first to go after age 40 and they are crucial to maintaining reaction balance and agility, but are recruited last, we need appropriate loading to activate them.
Therefore going partial range under heavier loads, allowing joint surfaces to cushion the load, to a slight burn activating growth hormone, then right after going to body weight only but full range, will still keep fast twitch fibers recruited but with 30-50% less shearing forces in joints.
Also it is now possible to do more explosive movements with the body weight component, maintaining explosive abilities and power.
I have been doing this for over 20 years now and have few joint problems.
Look for future videos on YouTube to sample exercises using this mythology.
Live long and strong.


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