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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Speak not, unless you can improve on silence.

We are all bombarded by noise, from the TV to radio to traffic to endless variety, of industrial equipment.
Rarely these days I see kids without head phones, locked in their own virtual world.
At risk lies the base of all humans to communicate, and the ability to listen.
Many applaud the ability to multitask, and studies show women are better at this then most men, but at what cost? I place a great value on the ability to focus on one thing  at a time, and being able to push all random thought patterns out of your head.
Having a crystal clarity of vision to be able to carry that task to fruition with out interruption,  is a rarity these days.
The number one most important topic to most people, is not politics religion or health, it is THEMSELVES , why do you think Mark Zugerberg is worth billions?
I have been struggling with the inner conflict of trying to be noticed and create a trust with my readers and subscribers, but do it in such a way to create,
1st,  credibility, and therefore trust, and this can take a long time, then through hard work  loyalty, and finally respect.
Therefore quality of content is really important, if it is to improve on silence.
The silence of the low fog creeping over a mountain meadow, while dew drops linger on vibrant green leaves in spring time.
The silence of a summers night, with fireflies dancing across a pond as their reflections are flittering in a thousands sparks.
The silence of the rain forest and the sweltering humid heat settling on you like a heavy blanket, with the soft relentless buzz of insects, as the swaying shadows of bamboo stalks sweep the dirt, but raise no dust.
The silence of a mountain pond in the fall, and quiet twirling leaves dropping on the crystal glass surface creating tiny ripples outward as the geese glide across the mirror like surface having no intention to create their reflection, and the water no mind to retain it.
And finally, the silence of a winter slope, as you dance in a bottomless soft white powder, flying almost effortless as reality is blurred and time slows to a crawl, lost in a white world, vision distorted unable to distinguish between up or down, totally trusting your sense of feel, flying now free of all expectations.
These are some silences I have experienced.
Now my burden lies in Improving on silence, not an easy task by any means.
Live long and strong.



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