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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Your Bourne potential

You've seen the movies, genetically enhanced secret undercover agents able to  do almost superhuman feats, with faster reaction times and crystal clear thinking under severe duress.
But I don't think this is too far from reality, even today scientist are able to tweak the genetic code and turn off genetic markers for predisposing babies to certain ailments.
Just think of what the implications are of that, in the future will we have a race of superhumans, if you have the money.
Today  the average person can achieve incredible changes in physical and mental prowess just by tweaking lifestyle choices and exercise routines.
In order to affect the largest, our body's and minds, we need to understand the smallest, our little energy factories the Mitochondria.
Just think 50 trillion cells, give or take a few billion, in the body and  most of them are not even ours, but bactaria virusses and other symbiotic organisms, that still leaves us with trillions of cells.
Now realize each cell has thousands of Mitochondria, and each Mitochondrias job is to turn oxygen and glucose(glycogen) into ATP.
ATP is our energy molecule, the average person will  make up to 120 LBs of ATP every day.
ATP acts like our spark plugs, and like spark plugs in a car there are some negative effects  that arise  during this conversion process.
The gasoline engine is about 20% efficient in converting gas into propulsion, that means that out of every 5 gallons you buy, 2 are used to move your car.
The rest are a bunch of nasty emissions and heat escaping out of your exhaust pipes and heating up your engine.
The Mitochondria are 35- 65% efficient, that means that even at the lowest it is far more efficient then an automobile. So at 35% efficiency we are now running on lower energy levels, but more importantly throwing off 65% more oxidative free radicals, these can cause a host of inflamitory processes and hit the Mitochondrial DNA.
This in turn can cause mutative changes to occur in the DNA setting us up for a host of ailments, including cancer.
It is also important to remember, our Mitochondria have their own DNA, which is different from nuclear, or human DNA, scientist believe Mitochondria used to be an independent form of bacteria which over millions of years have developed a symbiotic relationship and became incorporated in human cellular function.
Now realize that Mitochondrial DNA are 500 times more susceptible to free radical damage then human DNA and you start to get the picture.
Ok so what if you could change your efficiency from 35% to 60%?
Then take that 25%, and multiply times thousands of Mitochondria in each cell, times trillions of cells in the body and suddenly you have abundant energy for everything!
And to top that off, you're throwing off far less nasty byproducts (oxidative free radicals) so you also substantially  reduce your chances  of contracting an inflammatory born disease, like certain cancers and vascular disorders.
This is no science fiction fantasy, I have been doing just these things with some of my clients and myself by adding a few supplements and exercising in such a way as to create new Mitochondria, this gets tougher to do as you get older as Mitochondrial function starts to decline with age.
You now can now truly create a 20+ year gap between Chronological and Biological aging, it takes planning dedication and work, but what a payoff, I have already created the road map all you have to do is follow it.
Run, ski, bike, play and work with more energy and enthusiasm, without jacking up your adrenals and therefore increasing stress and catabolic metabolism
To see which nutrients and supplements, refer back to the article, My Lifestyle Choices.
Live long and strong.


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