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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Boosting your immunity.

This is a big deal these days, as the flagrant abuse of antibiotics mostly within the cattle and fowl industries, have now put us all in this precarious position.
The first line of defense is a good barrier system, if the virus or bacteria never make it into your body then that's a good thing.
So the 3 most common ways for the bugs to enter your system are, your breathing, your eating, and or cuts or other body parts.
The lymphoid tissues here will protect you, to a point.
Different organs in your body produce the immune system cells, they then move around as needed via blood vessels and lymphatics.
Your major master of immunity is the thymus gland, found in the chest directly above the heart.
The spleen also has important functions acting mostly as a blood filter, and some storage capacity for platelets and lymphocytes.
Lastly your lymph nodes connected to your lymphatic vessels through which lymph fluid flows.
They are also minute filters and store B cells, T cells and  macrophages.
Then there is your gut and the intestinal flora, ever stop to think about how many bacteria live in and on you?
They are everywhere but especially in your gut, in fact you have more intestinal bacteria living in you than cells of you!!
That is why it's key to have healthy flora, they help keep things in balance especially in the gut.
An Interesting point is that in households that use lots of antibacterial soaps
or wipes and have a bacteria paranoia, as I call it, have much greater incidences of asthma and other immune related ailments, than kids who live on a farm and get some dirt under their nails.
I was brought up in the rain forests of Sumatra and was exposed to all kinds of bugs, I got the measles and the mumps, and now my immune system rocks.
So don't go all crazy with the antibiotic wipes and soaps, they will lower your immune system and expose you to a whole array of chemicals called xenoestrogens, which are also known as  endocrine disrupters, that will disrupt hormonal functions and lead to a host of different problems, see my articles on xenoestrogens on the website.
Well now that you understand more about these microorganisms and how we become exposed to them, lets explore some ways to boost the whole system through foods and or herbs/supplements.
Increase powerful proteins.
Meats, buy the leanest organic grass fed free range, this applies to all meats including chicken, which don't have added hormones but do get loads of antibiotics and arsenic in their feed.
Fish, the fattier deep cold water fish are your better options, these include Salmon, sardines, mackerel, cod, and herring.
Just make sure they are wild caught and not farmed.
Eggs are amazing full of key nutrients, like fat soluble vitamins A and D also loaded with zinc and the fat transporter Choline, I think eggs have gotten a bad  rap, and do not believe they have a significant role in the whole high cholesterol hype.
Now the role of sugar, and I'm talking all varieties, including refined flours, and all the different forms of sugar, it's simple the bugs love sugar so more sugar, more infections period.
Now lets get to the spices and herbs.
Cinnamon, this warming strengthening spice wins out, every household should have cinnamon in their cupboard.
Cayenne, this spice also has amazing cardiovascular benefits.
Turmeric, this spice which contains curcumin has been shown to heal about every organ in the body, including your brain and joints.
Oregano, here's your natural protection against infections, because of the strong antiviral and antibacterial compounds.
Parsley, has an antioxidant called apigenin, which aids in reducing high blood pressure.
Thyme, the healing oil in thyme called thymol, is what your looking for.
When applied to the skin or mucous membrains of the mouth it will kill the germs.
Peppermint, this herb relaxes your intestinal tract, which really helps with irritable bowl, it will also aid in easing nasal congestion.
And last but not least ginger, which is the king of all digestive aids, it also eases migraines, arthritis and asthma.
So there you have it, stay stronger for longer.



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