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Written by Karel Nunnink   

I believe we can all move better, hey if you couldn't move you wouldn't have a brain.

Better movement equals better brain function, and vice versa.

Lets take a look at you trying to cross a busy street intersection.

Hey you could get hit, all systems are on full alert, you're constantly scoping info and  visual systems on hyper mode eyes darting left and right for fast moving objects, your balance and vestibular systems getting information from somatic receptors in your feet trying to keep you centered so you can make that fast dash when needed.

Well what if your feet, that first contact point with the ground, had no ability to transmit what type of surface you're on and they felt like lumps of clay.

The average person trough out the day will load over 100.000 Lbs of force through the feet, and now some of these small joints in the feet become jammed, the brain interprets that as an injury, and starts turning down mechani-receptors in the muscles surrounding the joints creating weakness, this messes up the brains incredible ability to synchronize all these neural messages and create a possible prediction of an event, brain mapping is hindered, so the startle reflex starts to tense other muscles draw your spine into flexion, your neck feels like its in a vice, you start blinking your eyes, and your balance is now horrible.

Accurate information is crucial at this point, and just as it was 100 thousand years ago, your system is designed to survive!!

All this happened because a couple of small joints in your toes were jammed.

This is just a small sample of ways we can now create better brain mapping and Plasticity.

the ortho- kinetic  reflex.

jammed joints create weak muscles.

get yourself unjammed, go see a Z health practitioner.

Live long and strong.




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