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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Coming full circle.

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you're just doing the same thing over and over again and wondering if your getting anywhere?
This is how I felt for quite a while trying to improve my skills and those of my clients.
As you know the Internet can be a daunting place, so much information and who do you trust.
I came from a background of Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Anatomy, there was a time when I thought exercise could cure everything.
Right away I shifted to a more long range approach, as I was already into my fifties, not putting the focus so much on muscles rather then what they are attached to (bones) and how these then move around joints.
Realizing that it doesn't matter how much muscle you have if your joints are gone your mobility and therefore freedom to move is gone.
My goal has always been to keep mobility as a priority for as long as possible.
The problem was my outlook was skewered, and I thought as most health professionals still do, if the problem lies in a certain anatomical region we then need to rehab in that region.
So I studied Myofascial  disorders and trigger point therapies, and from there moved to Active Release Techniques, all with limited success.
As our country got more and more obese, I also realized that from a caloric stand point, you could work out until you are literally blue in the face and not incur any or minor shifts in weight.
Exercise to me in looking at the whole picture was maybe 15-20% on the scale of priorities, and lifestyle contributed to a whopping 60-70%
So off I went and studied the various toxins in our environment along with addictive behavior, chemical imbalances in the brain caused by artificial sweeteners, and finally the conversion from food to energy.
To effect the largest (your physical body), you need to understand the smallest.
I'm talking about the mighty Mitochondria, our spark plugs so to speak of, 80-100 trillion cells in the body, and many of these have thousands of
Each Mitochondria has the ability to take Glycogen(blood sugar) and turn that through a chemical process into ATP your energy molecule, the average person will synthesize over 100 LBs of ATP every day.
But the secret lies in the conversion rate and the byproducts produced, lets simplify by using your car as a example.
The average car is about 20% efficient, that means for every 5 gallons you buy, 1 gallon is used to move your car, the rest are heat and a bunch of nasty exhaust gasses.
This is not a very efficient system and our body's are much better, our Mitochondria range in efficiency from 40- 70%, that is much higher then your car, but look at the range.
At 40%, which is the level most of us are at if we follow the SAD ( standard American diet) guidelines, are throwing out 60% byproducts including Oxidative Free Radicals which then hit your DNA and over the years can cause error messaging and mutative changes to occur.
Now suddenly your whole body is in a constant state of Inflammation, so not only do you have low energy, think about it thousands of Mitochondria  times 80 trillion times 60% nasties.
That is a lot of nasties hitting the DNA closest to the tiny ovens in the Mitochondria, well Mitochondria have different DNA than Human DNA.
As it turns out Mitochondria have evolved within us over the millennia  and created a symbiotic system where they are now a part of us, unfortunately Mitochondrial DNA is 500 times more susceptible to Free Radical damage then human or Nuclear DNA.
This is huge!!
Now think about improving that 40% efficiency to 70%, wow...... 30% greater efficiency times 80 trillion times 2000, you'll be bouncing of the walls with energy, without damaging that sensitive DNA.
There are ways to do this, just read my article My lifestyle choices.
Now suddenly new research into brain plasticity and movement has again created a monumental shift in my awareness, as we learn how the brain operates and what it's priority mainly is, we can tap into this to redesign and create a new roadmap toward excellence.
For example one of the main functions of the brain is being able to predict accurately what will happen and therefore enhance our survival in case of a threat, real or imagined.
It relies on 3 main systems to do this, first visual which takes up 45% of messaging, then vestibular (balance) this takes up 35%.
The last 20% is proprioceptive, our movement abilities, so there is a clear order of importance.
If any of these systems misfire and give no or false info, system misinformation occurs causing the body to guard itself by tensing up various parts of the body for safety and protection, it does so by drawing the spine and shoulders inward in a flexed position not unlike the Fetus position.
It's like your tensing up for that oncoming crash that never occurs, and if you're tense you can't feel can't feel can't adapt, this is called the Startle reflex, and there are many levels at which this reflex can present itself.
Now joints are jammed creating more muscle weakness, and movement range starts to decrease as the brain now thinks there is injury there and shuts down the Mechani- Receptors around the joints especially in those ancillary and stabilizer muscles. This is a downward spiral that will steal away mobility and strength.
This is where specific movement patterns will rewire the brain, correct any faulty information and start to create a new roadmap where all systems are running efficiently and now the brains ability to predict threatening situations is vastly improved, so it lets down its guarding, suddenly neck pain is gone, or back or hip pain.
It's kind of like you downloading  newer better software, faster information exchanges and bug free.
So you see I've come full circle to where movement is now the currency of the body, no movement no brain, oh yeah don't forget these specific patterns of movement also create more neurons dendrites and brain plasticity increases.
This is my next journey, and now at age 66 I will explore the infinite possibilities now open, a doorway to the Science Of Hope .
Stay stronger for longer.


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