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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Chrome free
Are you like me, tired of the jacked up chromed out fat tired bloated gas guzzling abortions that abound on the road these days??? Don't they realize that all that fuel consumption translates into more capitol for the United Arab Emirates, and all the fanatic fringe organizations they contribute to.
I also notice that these individuals are also more likely to drape themselves in the stars and stripes, proclaiming to be such patriots while sneering at people like me who drive small compact fuel efficient long durability vehicles, which may carry names like Toyota or Honda.
They proudly stomp on the accelorators of their mighty hemi V8's with a loud roar, attempting to steer their trucks in a straight line but finding it difficult to do so for the gigantic girth of their bellies getting in the way.
I find it quite ironic that chrome which is brilliant and light reflecting so is more akin to light rather then dark, can in fact have such a dark side to it.
Recently I noticed small sleek trucks with blacked out rims and tinted windows looking quite the opposite compared to the chrome grilled monster rigs.
So in essence dark is light and light is dark.
But this is just my opinion, and you know opinions are like arse holes, everyone has one.


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