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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Into the outer limits.

Fringe training.
Changing my focus to the Nervous system has really propelled me into exploring different movement pathways.
The pay off is tremendous because the body no longer has to guard or tense up, caused by lack information from our visuals and vestibular( balance) or proprioceptive, ( movement).
Now go ahead and bring in deep breathing and start making circles, but you really have to see them in your mind, like imagining a frisbee and now trace the edges of the joint your working on in your mind, and your body will follow.
You will feel some parts of the circle smooth and effortless and others not so, maybe some slight achey-ness and therefore tension.
Too muchTension is the enemy, you see exceptional athletes already know this intuitively as they move from tension to relaxation faster effortlessly.
I'll tell you, that's  what's important to me at this stage, better movement.
Frankly it's a use it or lose it proposition, and  I'm working on using as much as possible and keeping it going for longer.
This is where those Mechani- Receptors come in to play, you see they're situated right outside the joint, on the fringe so to speak.
They get turned off when the joint is jammed, so the messages stop, telling the brain to now Guard and muscles weaken as tension builds up.
I recently realized the fine line between tension and relaxation and that I myself was spending more time on the tensing part, with a loss in ROM in certain planes of movement especially my neck which was injured back in the 70s ski jumping.
Well my range of motion has returned to what it was in my 40s yeeeeha!
Fringe training, with lots of help from Z Health.
I will start posting some fringe episodes soon on YouTube.
Live long and strong.



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