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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Your greatest assets


Think of your body as a home.

Your house and your body represent your greatest assets they provide shelter to invaluable personal property.

Both are places you want to protect with all your power.

So imagine your bones are the two by fours that support the inner structure of your house.

Your eyes are the windows they let you view the world outside.

Your lungs the ventilation system

that blows the cool or hot air in your house.

Your brain the fuse box that controls the amount of current allowed through

Certain parts of your house.

Your intestines are the plumbing system that take the waste out of your house.

Your mouth the food processor that grinds up the food.

Your heart is the water main that pumps the water into your house.

Your hair is represented by your green lawn.

Your fat all the unnecessary junk you have stored

Now ask yourself how many hours a week do you work repairing and maintaining various items around your home?

Well do you invest at least equal time improving your physical self?

For most of us the answer is no.

Do not fall into the trap of avoidance

and delay, this leads into a downward spiral that will become increasingly difficult to reverse.

Finally ask yourself how much stuff can I get rid of?

Live with vigor.



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