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Written by Karel Nunnink   

One path.


It used to be about being the baddest and the fastest, in my sport of professional ski racing, and I trained accordingly. Now that I look back however I realized much of my training was done in the wrong energy zone anyway.

Then there was a time where I was concerned about seize and power, then aerobic fitness, and then a combination of both.

Never until recently did I realize how much tension I was holding onto with increasingly more injuries and then holding onto more tension yet.

There is a cost benefit ratio, and whatever you choose to do, it will cost you either in joint immobility, (professional sports) or you can choose joint longevity, which  ever one you seek realize that with fame usually comes wealth, but it is not guaranteed and the percentage that do make it is low.

I've traveled these paths with relatively low injuries, and now chose longevity. The ego is now excepted and allowed to reign free only during times of competitive stress, so now into my seventies movement is still strong and powerful.

These youthful hormones are excreted only during fight or flight, so what happens when movement declines and either fight or flight isn't possible? They shut down, so there goes your testosterone, and growth hormones, the brain knows you can't move well and acts accordingly. But the opposite holds true for those who have and maintain a good quality of available range power and speed.

So ask yourself where do you want to be in 10 or maybe even 20 years.

Great movement means great brain function, there is no debate as far as I'm concerned.

Now all that is necessary is finding a program of movement that encourages things like better stronger movement at the end range of motion, and exploiting this. look on my you tube channel ( challengeaging life) for videos and more info.


Better movement better brain.

Live long and strong.




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