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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Fear and change.




Some things you should fear, especially in our ancestral past where threats abounded and something or someone was constantly trying to kill us.


Then running away and finding a safe place often meant you survived, but in this age of veiled dangers it can often be the opposite choice that will help you survive.


Instead of running FROM your fear, you should run TOWARD your fear!


The world's best-kept secret is that on the other side of your fear there

is something safe and beneficial waiting for you.


If you pass through even a thin curtain of fear you will increase the confidence you have in your ability to create your life.


General George Patton said, "Fear kills more people than death."


Death kills us but once, and we usually don't even know it. But fear kills us

over and over again, subtly at times and brutally at others.


But if we keep trying to avoid our fears, they will chase us down like persistent



The worst thing we can do is close our eyes and pretend they don't exist.


"Fear and pain," says psychologist Nathaniel Branden, "should be

treated as signals not to close our eyes but to open them wider."


By closing our eyes we end up in the darkest of comfort zones—BURIED ALIVE.


Janis Joplin's biography, which chronicled her death from alcohol and

drug abuse, was aptly titled Buried Alive. To Janis, as to so many

similarly troubled people, alcohol provided an artificial and tragically

temporary antidote to fear.


It is no accident that in the old frontier days the nickname for whiskey was "false courage."


Emerson once said, "The greater part of courage is having done it before," and so it was for me, facing a new world at the ripe age of twelve, knowing a few words of a strange new language, having my world once again ripped upside down after moving from the Rain forest of Sumatra to the consistent plains and levies of Holland to the mountains of Vermont, all in the span of a few years.


The rush we get after running through the waterfall of fear is the most energizing feeling in the world.


So, my friend, if you are ever in an undermotivated mood, find something you fear and tackle it — then see what happens.


live long and strong.




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