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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Presents from the present.


The now, this moment.... exhale deeply from your center slowly, now regulate the airflow by either slightly tightening and exerting the lower abb muscles while pursing lips and adjusting the escape of air.

Now move the tip of your tongue right behind the front middle teeth and feel the air escaping while brushing against your tongue.

This is being in the moment, full attention is given to tasks and adapting to changes instantly.

Only now can tension  be located observed and released, we must be in the now to release tension, why do you think Yoga and other ancient Chinese movement patterns have such a benefit, now those jammed joints and connective tissues can once again be activated to youthful  ranges of motion with greater power.

Tension is the enemy, or let's say prolonged tension, as in caused by work or other stressors. Many of us in this hustling environment are stressed, and need to attain balance through some sort of movement program.


Which one? This presents another topic all together and is dependent on the mental state of the individual.


The athro-kinetic reflex is now overcome, and therefore information systems to the brain are fully functional, less guarding is taking place and therefore movement can happen smoother and with far less effort.


Bones and connective tissues can only be remodeled under force load and shear.

That's just a fancy way of saying if you don't use it you'll lose it.

Exactly why anyone that loves sport, and outdoor activities, needs to find those fringes of their movement patterns, and explore them to discover tension, move slowly in a circular motion and brush into tension (discomfort zones).

Then increasing load then speed and variation.


Become an explorer into your own universe, the possibilities are endless, may all the riches of the eternal now, be yours forever.




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